Calamity avoided in Maryland School

Another school shooting:

On Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at Great Mills High School in St. Mary’s County Maryland, we had another school shooting! Austin Wyatt Rollins began shooting at students when an armed resource officer inside Great Mills High School responded to the attack by engaging the attacker with his gun.

The attack ended very quickly with the only fatality being the 17-year old attacker Austin Wyatt Rollins. It is unclear whether the attacker killed himself or was killed by the resource officer. Either way, this attack ended because the armed resource officer was there.

In Boyertown, we need to be focused on a complete security approach.

As with all other “gun free zones” there are always trained people equipped with firearms in place as a deterrent.

“Gun free zones” such as pro-athletic events, celebrity events, and political events, understand that this is a security issue. They all have layers of security and protection. We should be serious enough about protecting our children, to have the protections that exist at these other events.

Objectively, this is a security issue. When we look at all of these gun tragedies at our schools, we can also include San Bernadino, Fort Hood, and the Orlando night club. All of these tragic events, have occurred in gun free zones without trained people equipped with firearms in place.

Sure these maniacs are mentally unstable; they are strangely stable enough however, to know that they do not want to carry out their attack in a place where there will be people to shoot back.

Welcome to the New School Board Director

With gratitude for a desire to serve, we welcome Rodney Boyer to the Boyertown School Board. We are grateful and call out to the need to work toward the best for all in our School District. We work toward the ideals of practical friendliness, and bear an appeal to reason and patience. The School Board is comprised of simple, humble folks with a commitment to personal sacrifice and service. We are not great men and women of affairs.

It is not enough for us to do good, but to find ways to collaborate and share. We must leave this school district in better shape then when we got here. Our School Board is trying to find means to this end.

Boyertown School Board Director