Parental Rights: Supporting Families

Parent involvement Policy: Parents need to know!


We need to be supporting the family and the rights of parents to determine what it is that their children learn and are exposed to. Our involvement in creating policies and oversight of existing protocol and processes give us the ability to act decisively for parents and the family.  We know that it is our families and their values that make our schools great, not the bureaucrats in Harrisburg. We know that it is the parents that know best how to raise and nurture their children, not bureaucrats.

Regarding Curriculum: Parents need to know: 

* What do children learn about our American History and the uniqueness of our Constitution?
* How their children are being taught Math?
* If their children can read above the basic skill level?
* What is being taught to their children in the sex education classes?
* What is being read to Kindergarten children?
There is a psychological component here. There’s plenty of concern/evidence of preschool curriculum in many schools that deals with issues that have nothing to do with a child’s academic development – like gender identity, environmentalism, collectivism,  and all of that – things that don’t amount to a hill of beans as far as a child learning how to read.

We should not be shaping a construal in developing children: We are teaching them to read!

Another concern I have with new enhancements and changes to curriculum and processes, are aspects of parental consent. We must be thinking about privacy concerns with children being encouraged to discuss private issues outside the family. Parents must be included in this equation and solution to a perceived problem.

* The school district mustn’t start up some sort of “support practices” that reveal parental practices, family finances, and social situation without first obtaining parental consent.

Boyertown School Board Director