2018 School Year Parental Right To Know!

We can and must move forward with fresh purpose as we consider our options and think carefully about the future!
I am amazed, not surprised when I see how dislocated the extremists on the left get, when anyone expresses a majority opinion without using a “Free Speech Zone”!

My Goodness! Parents have the right to know what is going on with their children! I cannot believe that my push for parents rights have triggered so much distain from people.

We have some on this Board and in our community, who do not wish to trust parents with the critical information of their children. The distain to parental rights, proves that there are those who are deliberately attempting to keep parents out of their children’s critical information loop. 

Those with a distorted view of how to support families are now organizing an on-line petition on Facebook to call for my resignation.

We will be having discussion in upcoming School Board meetings on how we can ensure parents know critical information about their children.
A Parent Involvement Policy may be needed. We must ensure that school counselors and school officials report to parents they learn the following of children.

Parents need to know:
* If their children are confused with their sexuality: If their boys want to identify as girls and their girls want to identify as boys.              * If their children are suffering from some sort of eating disorder
* If their children are standing for the pledge of allegiance?
* If their children are depressed and engaged in destructive habits?
* If their children are demonstrating anti-social behavioral habits?
* What is being done about bullying. What action and follow up is being done?
The problem with social media bullying:
* Kids try to outdo each other on social media. many parents are preventing their children from being on social media until they are 18. Kids think differently than mature adults. Look at the recent Laundry Detergent pod eating on social media. Watching the videos are very disturbing and scary. This can be life threatening. Poison Control centers are getting many calls with this issue. These are attention getting teens. The problem is social media has created the social platform for children to get attention and likes from the outside world is losing sight of their inside world, their self esteem. This isn’t good. Kids try to outdo each other on social media..