Special Education

The past 10 years, we have seen significant increases in Special Education enrollment and associated costs in Boyertown.

We must ensure the services our School District provides, improve where needed and remain an effective partner with parents. Parents strive every day to raise their families. Healthy families result in healthy children and healthy children effectively learn and grow into competent ethical adults.

School Districts like Radnor, Downingtown, Pocono Mountain, Bradford County, Lancaster and Pottsgrove have all made adjustments to special education.

They have all lowered their cost in special education services! What changes did they make? What did these other area school districts do? We need to look into this, learn, and discuss.

We must support children who need special education help! This added assistance can make a world of difference for children. My daughter benefited greatly from special education!

Boyertown School District’s special education enrollment has grown so much over the last 10 years. Our Special Education enrollment has grown to almost 22% of our entire student body. Our costs are way up too.

I want to see the data that shows how this has happened. Our Special Education Program needs to work for our families.