Protecting our children and securing the schools

We must not be conflating the tragedy in Florida and school shootings with a constitutional discussion.  

What do we do now?

We need to have a reasonable response to school shootings. Everything should be on the table. There will be many things we can do now and some we can do later. This will not be a one size fits all solution. We need to raise up all the best practices from across the country. Some communities are getting this right.

We have some who want to make the NRA and others who support the 2nd amendment rights as the political boogieman. Folks, the most sacred right we have is the right to live; The second amendment was put in place to protect that right to live. Logic and common sense is something that seems to have escaped many of us.

We have people who want to preserve gun free zones at all costs. 

We cannot have a reasonable conversation on this issue, with people who want to corruptly use this tragedy as a gateway to promote their own personal pathology; These activists want to rip into gun ownership rights.

We know that there are leftist, activist organizations who want to parlay the emotion of these teens into fomenting division. To distract from the real issue and make this an anti-gun issue. These emotional teens, and the emotions of those in our community are being hijacked by leftist-anti 2nd amendment groups on a national level.

We have national leftist organizations supporting the logistics, teaching, training and messaging to corrupt this tragedy into a political advantage.

* They do not care about our country, they don’t care about these kids, or about school shootings;
* They only care about using this tragedy, to recruit new activists to further promote their sham on the public.
* They are looking at using anyone they can as an unwitting participants.

The school shooting has been hijacked by anti-gun, ANTIFA type groups to advance a leftist agenda. Buzzfeed (a leftist outfit) has reported that the following activist groups have their hands in this.

1)Everytown (bankrolled by Bloomberg), 2) Giffords (Gabrielle Giffords) , 3) Move, 4) Planned Parenthood,

5) action network (remember these Marxists? They were meddling in our last election here in Boyertown!!!)

BuzzFeed News has reported they are helping the students with logistics, strategy, messaging and planning for their upcoming protests.